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SLEDVision is a cloud-based business intelligence solution providing tools to manage IT assets and resources more efficiently, evaluate and benchmark IT assets, and reduce capital and operational expenses to save organizations money.  
Organizations are not aware they are overpaying for software and hardware. Due to complex pricing models and lack of transparency by vendors and resellers, software and hardware is usually one of the most challenging assets to manage within an organization, resulting in higher cost, failed audits, and excessive reinstatement fees.
SLEDVision Team Brian Platz: President, Board Member

Jim Pappalardo: Treasurer, Board Member

Matt Belli: Chairman of the Board
Mission Statement Our mission is to be the leading software company focusing on the valuation of Information Technology Products and Services.
Company Goals
  • Lower the cost of IT Services supporting the business
  • Enable clients to drive more value from their IT resources
  • Real-time information for fact-base decisions
  • Leverage community collaboration
  • Manage budgets, cash flow and resources more efficiently
  • Deliver data driven solutions
Company Objectives
  • Be the Leading Technology Benchmarking and Valuation provider in helping our clients manage their IT assets and deliver competitive IT Services.
  • Deliver Cloud-based solutions to enable our clients to manage their IT assets & suppliers
  • Utilize the extensive experience, skills and knowledge of our team to the benefit of our clients
  • Operate an organization that will deliver value to our stakeholders.

In 1997, a group of Information Technology (IT) professionals became frustrated with the lack of operational data and intelligence available to them from both internal toolsets and external consultants.

The frustion grew from the following questions:

  1. What is IT actually costing us?
  2. Are we spending enough or not enough?
  3. What are others like us spending?
  4. How do we assign and align costs to our delivery models?
  5. How do we reduce our costs of delivery?
  6. What is the most effective way to model for future growth?
  7. How do we effectively budget for cost increases as well as future growth?
  8. Where do we go to get the Business Intelligence that we need?

These questions are still relevant today!  SLEDVision was created with one mission in mind....Enable IT planning and modeling based on BI from both internal and external datasets.  As a company, SLEDVision has built BI tools that concentrate on the Business of IT.  Over the past 21 years, SLEDVision has created proprietary models and toolsets fort he purpose of building Business Intelligence for Information Technology Organizations.  By the way, we have also built the world's largest proprietary database of IT operational data!