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Agreement Vision

The Agreement Vision module of SLEDVision allows the user to electronically store each vendor agreement, manage all IT assets and resources, and develop proactive models for lowering the cost of IT services supporting the business.

Finance Vision

The Finance Vision module of SLEDVision allows for the review of high level financial information from all agreements, utilize that data in daily, monthly, & yearly analysis, budgetary processes, and to prepare for cash flow situations effected by invoice cycles from their vendors.

Market Vision

The Market Vision module of SLEDVision is a layered analytics tool that calculates Fair Market Values for IT Services, Platform, and Vendor agreements, and identifies overspending and market trends.

Performance Vision

The Performance Vision module of SLEDVision allows its user to build and manage “Scorecards” for each one of their vendors.  The Scorecard provides the ability to manage vendors and evaluate them on specific metrics.

Instrument Vision

The Instrument Vision module of SLEDVision manages IT assets used by the organization, audits contracts and invoices for compliance, performs forensics analysis for cost savings, manages inventory, and produces reports on utilization and cost.

Relationship Vision

The Relationship Vision module of SLEDVision allows its users to build, view and monitor the organization chart and escalation paths for their vendors.  This module pulls information updated by other clients in order to provide as broad a view as possible.


The SLEDBook module of SLEDVision allows its users to collaborate on items such as projects, product & vendor rankings, and new idea generation.