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SLEDVision Audit Solution finds $1m for State Government Entities

May 01, 2014

For Immediate Release

SLEDVision Audit Solution finds $1m for State Government Entities

SLEDVision's ability to break down IT contracts finds $1m in overcharges.

Raleigh, NC, May1, 2014:  SLEDVision announced today that it has identified irregularities in pricing for three agencies within a single US state.  “SLEDVision has worked through several complex agreements to identify a differential in pricing structures for the same offerings with the same vendor for agencies within the same state geography. The particular state in question also has an agreement for pricing that has been exceeded.  We are working to assist in the remediation of this issue”, said Tom Warner, President of SLEDVIsion.  The SLEDVision offering has the ability to identify these types of issues with agreements and complex pricing structures.    

SLEDVision is committed to working with US State, Local Government and Education entities to ensure that their resources are utilized in the most efficient way possible.

About SLEDVision, Inc.

SLEDVision is a cloud computing company offering a variety of tools to manage, benchmark, and optimize the procurement of Information Technology (IT) products and services.  SLEDVision is used by organizations in many industries, e.g. banking, investment, healthcare, insurance, government, education, and retail; to manage one of the most mismanaged assets within an organization, IT products and services.

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, SLEDVision, Inc is one of the nation's leading software companies focusing on the valuation of Information Technology Products and Services.